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The GTSext network has officially ended. this website will be updated for publications

Joe Hiess published his latest findings in Sceince .

An IAG award was given to Leah Morgan at Goldschmidt 2011.

An ECORD research grant was awarded to Christian Zeeden to Study phase relations of orbital forcing and terrestrial (ice) response in the Miocene .

*Dates for GTSnext spring 2011 workshops are set*
March 4., 7. & 11: Grant writing and financial management (VU Amsterdam)
March 7-11: MATLAB course (VU Amsterdam)
March 31st - April 2nd: Thematic workshops on the Neogene, Paleogene, Cretaceous in Vienna, Austria, before the EGU meeting

A session titled "Progress towards the next geological timescale: Earthtime-EU and GTSnext" will be held at the EGU 2011. Here the link.

The Geological Society of America International Section awarded Tiffany Rivera a travel grant to attend the GSA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, USA from 31 Oct. - 3 Nov. Further, Tiffany Rivera won the third place for abstract images of the GSA photo contest with this picture.

Dates for the training courses in 2010 are set:

August 28- September 11, 2010: Summerschool in Coldigioco, Italy.
The final programme can be found here:
Saturday Aug 28 - Arrival in Coldigioco
Sunday Aug 29 - Principles of Astronomical Time Scale calibration
Monday Aug 30 - Principles of Astronomical Time Scale calibration - continued + field excursion Gubbio
Tuesday Aug 31 - Time series analysis
Wednesday Sept 1 - Monte dei Corvi field excursion
Thursday Sept 2 - Historical introduction insolation curves; Secular variations of the orbital elements of the Earth; Obliquity and precession; The long period variations
Friday Sept 3 - Mid Term Review meeting
Saturday Sept 4 - Field excursion with REA representatives
Sunday Sept 5 - Chaotic evolution of the Solar system; The various solutions for the Insolation data; Paleoclimates of Mars; Future prospects
Monday Sept 6 - Spatial & temporal variation of climate records and orbital parameters from geological data
Tuesday Sept 7 - Field exercise with data collection
Wednesday Sept 8 - Magnetostratigraphy
Thursday Sept 9 - Data interpretation field exercise
Friday Sept 10 - Time for general and project excursions
Saturday Sept 11 - Departure

Trainers: Alessandro Montanari, Heiko Pälike, Jacques Laksar, Frits Hilgen

March 22-27 2010: Workshop: Theory of radio isotope dating methods in Verbania, Italy -- NIGL and Workshop: Fundamental aspects of high-precision isotope-ratio mass spectrometry -- UNIGE, in collaboration with NU-Instruments and Thermo Fisher Scientific.
This workshop should be attended by all ESR/ER. An administrative meeting will be organized on March 27 which should be attended by all scientists-in-charge.

Trainers: Randy Parrish, Dan Condon, Urs Schaltegger, Nicholas Lloyd, Jan Wijbrans, Klaudia Kuiper, Leah Morgan, John Saxton

A report of the workshop can be downloaded here . Presentations can be found in the restricted area of the website.

February 25 -March 2, 2010 Workshops presentation skills and Effective management for ESR at the VU Amsterdam.
These workshops should be attended by all ESR.

Trainers: Marieke de Boer, Anco Lankreijer, Ron Kaandorp

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Anne Fischer, Leah Morgan or Christian Zeeden .
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