Welcome to the website of GTSnext.

GTSnext -Towards the next generation of the Geological Time Scale for the last 100
million years - the European contribution to EARTHTIME- is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded under the 7th Research Framework Programme.

The principal scientific objective of the network is to establish the next generation standard Geological Time Scale with unprecedented accuracy, precision and resolution through integration and intercalibration of state-of-the-art numerical dating techniques. Such time scales underlie all fields in the Earth Sciences and their application will significantly contribute to a much enhanced understanding of Earth System evolution.

To achieve this objective GTSnext will bring together acknowledged expertise in all sub-disciplines of time scale calibration techniques found within the European Earth Science community. This European-centred effort, which is part of Earthtime, a broader international initiative (www.earth-time.org), will focus on the integration and intercalibration of these techniques in order to exploit both their strengths and to address their weaknesses. Increased communication and cooperation between the different communities, in particular by training of a new generation of ESRs and ERs within the framework of this ITN, will result in a fundamental change in the approach Earth scientists take in quantifying geological time. For the first time geochronologists will be fully capable to apply and evaluate the various state-of-the-art dating techniques.